Here are some projects that we’re working on in the group.


The Borealis project is designed to bring high-speed simulation to ISAs described in the SAIL architecture description language.


Captive is a high-speed cross-architecture virtualisation simulation, that allows you to run guest ISAs at near-native speeds. The ISAs are described in a high-level language, so Captive is portable to many different instruction sets.


The GenSim project started at the University of Edinburgh in 2013, and has..

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The JIT-as-a-Service project is a joint project with the University of Edinburgh to investigate how Just-in-time Compilation can be disaggregated and offloaded for workloads that use it – e.g. dynamic language runtimes!

MUG - Make Unikernels Great

We’re interested in Unikernels. We think that they can be a viable alternative to containers - what’s missing is the ecosystem and tooling around it.

We want to change that, and so we want to make unikernels great!

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